Friday, December 12, 2008

Satelite Photos of Earth Bueaty/index.htm

the very first picture is my favorite, but they are all really cool

enjoy, randalynn

ps. for those swimming this year... when you watch the movie just \think: "imagine that you're surrounded by a beautiful, white, healing mist. allow this mist to enter the toes of the left foot... one by one" haha


Jennifer said...

that was magical.

Morgan said...

haha, i'm not sure what the healing mist was about, but do you remember mrs. pyper? she used to come to our high school basketball practices when the junior high ones were done and take us in a back room and make us lay on the ground and do meditation stuff. it was hilarious! one time she started with the feet and told everyone to tense them up and then let go, etc. and then she said to tighten our "buttocks" and one girl farted and i was crying from laughing so hard :) immature, i know, but so funny

En said...

HAHAHAHA that damn healing mist, I don't even know.