Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a little note...

So here is a lovely little update from your High School Swim Team :D Last weekend was our two meets in 24 hours weekend... hurray.... apart from being too tired to function, some lovely things happened. Randalynn broke the 100 backstroke record successfully going a 1.08 :D so that's just wonderful. Kristin Anderson smashed the 100 butterfly record going a 1.09 (well done there). Vern broke her 200 IM record by about 3 seconds (but i don't remember what her time was) and she broke the 100 freestyle record twice, the second time going a 57. And I finally broke the 200 freestyle record by 3 tenths of a second so that's real nice.

So yeah, for those of you that will be in town Region is this Saturday the 24th at Park City, and state is Feb. 6 and 7 at BYU. Come support us in our last year :D

Lots of Love,
Erin Jo


berto said...

I might go to Region.

But I'll definitely try to make it to state. What would my life be if I didn't go 3 years in a row?


Neil said...

I'll probably be at both of those.