Thursday, February 12, 2009

3/13/09 and 4/2/09

so i'm playing with alas the dreamer again on 3/13/09 because....well i don't know why really but sean called me and said they could use my help and its a show opening for tour band(s) so i agreed to that. its at the avalon theater. come to it if you want. i'm not gonna say you have too.


PFH is play Aprils 2 (4/2/09) with alas the dreamer and two cool touring bands Cromwell and Kill The Mockingbird. SO check them out and everyone should come if you want. it'd mean alot to those of us in the band if you came. its only $6 at New Song Undergound.


p.s. yes i realize that was a crappy blog. oh well.


berto said...

Oh, that's interesting.

And everyone freaking better come to our show, it's our biggest yet people!

I'll probably come to the ATD show.