Wednesday, June 24, 2009

things i miss.

  • creighton
  • community lunch
  • monopoly
  • ...being at enano's house every single night. ha.
  • lake trips
  • hanging out, playing guitar
  • being innocent high schoolers
  • our complicated dating web. good idea? no. but still.
  • one-dollar shopping sprees
  • time in the darkroom
  • dances
  • swingdancing at stomps
  • hanging out at parks
  • skipping classes for various activities
  • going to the water tower
  • hanging out as one massive group
  • seeing everyone all the time.
Love, Jennifer


berto said...

We can still do a lot of these things Jebby :)

And I'm super glad I'm out of the web. Sheesh.


Enano said...

come to my house always most days there are still kids hangin around.

Randi Lynn said...

I miss the darkroom too. Oh the weird, good smell

natalie said...

i miss the group play dates..
they are as rare as a rhino lately.

Victor said...

oh my goodness i can't believe i made the list, and i was top of it no less :) haha